For its preparations Dr. Taffi uses medicinal herbs and natural active principles which mainly originate from the flora in the Upper Maremma area of Tuscany, using plants picked in the biological cultivation. When the raw materials arrive at the plant, both the base ingredients for preparing the products and the packaging materials undergo strictly defined procedures: having a certained that the goods originate from credited suppliers (that is, selected or controlled beforehand) and examined the relative certificates, checks are made on samples to test their quality and correspondence to the characteristics. Checks iter is according to rules of Uni En Iso 9001:2008 and “NATURAL” Bioagricert certificates.

Dr. Taffi usa per i suoi preparati 


In the Dr. Taffi production laboratories the strict quality checks play an important role. The product is systematically inspected during the various production stages, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and constancy in the production of each lot. The plants are situated in Bibbona near

Bolgheri (approx. 30 km from Livorno), and use the most technologically advanced equipment and methods. Each production lot is rigorously tested in the chemical and microbiological test labs to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and that the formulations are original and exclusive. The production plant is divided into departments structured especially to meet the specific needs of the numerous lines of products. Going to complete the structure are large warehouses of more than 3,000 mq that ensure that the products are stocked perfectly, along with the modern structures needed for distribution.


The product lines originate from careful observation of the customers needs and expectations, carefully monitoring the market to identify trends. Therefore, innovations are made by analysing the research carried out, the aim being to offer products and collections that can fully satisfy the market expectations.

Dr. Taffi product collections are traditionally divided into two main cosmetic areas:

functional ranges and specific treatments, which treat different types of skin and work deep down on more serious problems concerning the skin, body and hair; perfumed ranges, which propose products that care for wellbeing and beauty of body, face and hair. Naturally, Dr. Taffi does not only worry about the safety of the products for the person, but also dedicates maximum attention for respecting and protecting the environment with activities aimed at developing and offering products, packaging and solutions that are increasingly close to the environment. Dr. Taffi is committed to creating products that do not pollute during the production procedure with formulas that only use natural ingredients or eco-friendly materials and packaging made with parts that can be easily separated for recycling. It is also committed to progressively reducing the use of packaging material, limiting it to what is strictly necessary to preserve or use the product.


Communication is an important tool. Every season Dr. Taffi makes large investments in order to diffuse the use of products and lifestyles inspired by natural wellbeing and to spread the knowledge, improve the image and boost sales of its product lines. Every collection has its own personality, which meets the tastes and needs of the public to whom it is dedicated.
The highly attractive packaging also stands out in the sales outlet thanks to the display materials supplied by the company: display stands, window posters, fornitures, reglette and information leaflets. Furthermore, the packaging includes a great deal of useful information on the composition and the active principles of each product.



Ogm, parabenes, imydazolidinyl urea, triclosan, bha, bht, edta, sls, sles, glicole propilenico, synthetic colourants, petrolates, mineral oils (es: paraffine, vaselline) orlanoline, animal derived agents 


Taffi uses only vegetable origins active principles, as hypoallergenic and 100% natural origin


 Functional systems are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and 100% vegetable origin


According to the Uni En Iso 9001:2008 standard certificate. Certificate n°13837

According to “NATURAL” Bioagricert


Company controlled by I.C.E.A. (company for ethic and ambient certification) for LAV (anti vivisection league) certificate n°0020 Dr.Taffi products are not tested on animals.


Selected and guaranted from technical and safety data sheets. Officinal herbs and active principles coming from spontaneous cultures and biological cultivations rigorously controlled.


Taffi subjects the manufacturing cycle to strict and continuous control and safety procedures.


Every aspect is finalized to exalt raw materials functional principles, aiming at the product effectiveness and the wellbeing of the consumer.


Dr.Taffi is engaged to realize not polluting products, using only natural ingredients, echocompatible materials and indispensable packings as easy destinable to the differentiated collection.


The deep knowledge of nature and market, especially in the “wellness” sector, which touches on the sphere of personal wellbeing, has allowed this company to make a name for itself, offering effective and high quality preparations, produced with care and skill following strict

guidelines, for those who seek beauty and wellbeing through completely natural products: these are the values which have inspired Dr. Taffi from the very beginning. Dr. Taffi products are formulated using the most precious ingredients that nature has given us: they do not contain chemical preservatives, animal components, petrolatums, lauryl sulphates, artificial colouring or propylene glycol. All the components used in formulating the products are dermatologically

tested and of 100% vegetable origin, and are therefore “vegetalized” cosmetics. Dr. Taffi products are not tested on animals and never will be.
Stop Animal Testing: company controlled by I.C.E.A. for Lav.

Certificate N°0020

Company certified according to the Uni En Iso 9001:2008.

Standard Certificate N°13837

Company certified according to the “NATURAL” Bioagricert

In Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories the synergy between the best herboristic school and the most advanced scientific techonological experimentation, generates products as sure, effective, new and ethically natural.

FRANCHISING (immagine: cecinacentro)

Following on from the current success, the near future will see further development in the franchising sector in Italy and abroad. An innovative formula will open sales outlets of different sizes and features depending on the characteristics and the position of the shop itself.


Elegant atmospheres, a sought-after image, precise and punctual training, careful operating assistance before and after the shop opens, together with limited initial investment and excellent performances by the shops have favoured the establishment of Erboristerie d’Italia and Acqua di Bolgheri shops. A feature of all the sales outlets is the great attention paid to communication. The image inside every sales outlet is made in collaboration with the head office, which follows all the stages in opening the shop, from the plans to setting it up. The assistance also continues after opening with materials for shop windows and catalogues regularly made available; communication with the final consumer on a national level is integrated using advertising campaigns and targeted mailings on a local basis, starting from customers in a list on the database.



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