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Acido Ialuronico Puro

The product lines originated from careful observation of the customers needs and expectations, carefully monitoring the market to identify trends. Therefore, innovations are made by analysing the research carried out, the aim being to offer products and collections that can fully satisfy the market expectations.

Dr. Taffi product collections are traditionally divided into two main cosmetic areas: functional ranges and specific treatments which treat different skin types and work deep down on more serious problems concerning skin, body and hair; perfumed ranges which propose products that care for wellbeing and beauty of body, face and hair.

Acqua di Bolgheri Scaffale

A special mention also needs to be made of Acqua di Bolgheri, the brand created in 2008 that, during the years has become the calling card of the company in Italy and all over the world. For the Taffi family, Acqua Di Bolgheri represents the all-natural elegance that they care for the most; the beauty and the pureness of the Tuscan nature along with the unmistakable feeling of wellbeing that being a part of Acqua di Bolgheri brings them.


Like the village from which it has lent its name Acqua di Bolgheri is a mix of pure elegance and passion in perfect balance with a great sense of respect for nature and all of the precious ingredients that are found there. The main inspiration to each and every fragrance of the Acqua di Bolgheri collection is what meets your senses when walking through the nature of the Bolgheri area, or when you take a moment to sit by the sea, right there on the Etruscan coast, to experience the scents brought in by the Maestrale or the Scirocco. Inspiration transformed into the sweet liquids that are the perfumes of Acqua di Bolgheri.



Imballi riciclabili

Naturally, Dr. Taffi does not only worry about the safety of the products for the person, but also dedicates maximum attention for respecting and protecting the environment with activities aimed at developing and offering products, packaging and solutions that are increasingly close to the environment. Dr. Taffi is committed to creating products that do not pollute during the production procedure with formulas that only use natural ingredients or eco-friendly materials and packaging made with parts that can be easily separated for recycling. It is also committed to progressively reducing the use of packaging material, limiting it to what is strictly necessary to preserve or use the product.







Functional Treatments

Aloe Therapy Aloe Therapy Baby Cell-OFF Formula Giovinezza Profonda Glycolic Acid Gli Specifici
Iconographia Le Marine Miglio Plus  Plus&UP  SciogliDol Super Monoi Gold


Perfumed Lines


Acqua di Bolgheri Camelia Collection Profumati di Benessere I Macchiaioli