Nature Guaranteed

For its preparations Dr. Taffi uses medicinal herbs and natural active principles which mainly originate from the flora of Upper Maremma area of Tuscany, using plants picked in the biological cultivation.


When the raw materials arrive at the plant, both the base ingredients for preparing the products and the packaging materials undergo strictly defined procedures.  Dr. Taffi company checks the origin of  goods originated from credited suppliers (selected or controlled beforehand) and their relative certificates. The checks are made on samples to test their quality and correspondence to the characteristics.


In Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories, the synergy between the best herboristic school and the most advanced scientific-technological experimentation generates sure, effective, new and ethically natural products.


Our mission is to realize cosmetic products with natural ingredients in order to obtain the vegetable cosmetic experience approved by ICEA, Lav, AIAB and Bioagricert.

Principi Etici e Certificazioni