Acqua Di Bolgheri, a collection of organic perfumes and body lotions, created through the research of Dr. Enio Taffi, represents the true essence of Tuscany and in particular that of the village of Bolgheri.  With a vision of bringing the precious ingredients found in the nature around Bolgheri together, the Acqua Di Bolgheri collection truly reflects the uniqueness of the Bolgheri area, its scents and soothing effect on body and soul.  The passing of the seasons, the changing colors and seasonal scents, a collection containing precious extracts for your skin and body, pure Tuscan enjoyment, a collection poetic in every sense of the word.

San Guido


Like the village from which it has lent its name, Acqua Di Bolgheri is a mix of elegance, passion and pureness all in perfect balance with a great respect for nature and all the precious ingredients that can be found there.   

Created by Dr. Enio Taffi, together with his daughters Maria-Silvia and Elisabetta, Acqua Di Bolgheri has in the short period of time since introduced in 2008, mainly through its Bolgheri boutique, been discovered by people from all around the world.    The inspiration to each and every fragrance of the brand are what meets your senses when walking through the nature of the Bolgheri area, or when you take a moment to sit by the sea on the Etruscan coast experiencing the scents brought in by the Maestrale or the Scirocco. Inspiration made into the sweet liquid that becomes the perfumes of Acqua Di Bolgheri. 

Castello di Bolgheri

Elegance.  Passion.  Sensual.  Love.  Respect.  Words that keep coming back in conversation when talking with the family about the brand, their vision, their work and the products of Acqua Di Bolgheri. Built on the strong values of the Taffi Family, Acqua Di Bolgheri is the hidden gem of Tuscany.




For the Taffi family, Aqua Di Bolgheri represents the all-natural elegance they care for the most; the beauty and pureness of the Tuscan nature. The collection, created with the family’s true passion in focus, its foundation, the exceptionally beautiful and serene part of the world that is Bolgheri, the mission: to share the feeling of pure wellbeing and the emotions associated with this. 

With true passion guiding every step of their work, and with each part of the collection in perfect balance with the family values, Acqua Di Bolgheri is truly a unique creation. These values are deeply rooted within the Taffi family and their vision of wellbeing along with a profound sense of respect for nature. 

Their mission: to share their passion for the pure way of life they are accustomed to. The inspiration behind the Acqua Di Bolgheri collection is centered around Elegance, Passion, Sensuality and Respect for what matters most: Nature.

La Quercia