Our history

Dr.Taffi La nostra storia

The Roots of Blossoming Development

Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories were founded in 1987 by the idea and the herboristic passion of its founder, biologist Enio Taffi. During the years the company was able to develop its ideas and its nature vocation guaranteeing, during the growing, the same top quality and the same purity and nature level in the production of famous cosmetic lines

The history La Famiglia Taffi


Together with his wife Maria, Dr Enio Taffi laid the ground to the family business with the start of the Dr. Taffi Company in 1987. At that time the philosophy was the same of today: to work only with all natural ingredients, collected locally, and to show total respect for nature by never allowing any of the products, or ingredients used to produce these, to be tested on animals.


Starting from that moment the family has continued its journey, managed by love for the wonderful nature of Tuscany. Now joined by their daughters. Maria Silvia, product manager together with her father and Elisabetta, involved in business development of the brand.

A passionate family with a very clear vision: to share beauty and scents of their part of Tuscany with the world.

Castello di Bolgheri

Acqua di Bolgheri


During the years the company has become a group and in 2008 Dr.Taffi launched on national and international markets Acqua di Bolgheri brand that has quickly become the most famous brand of the company. With Acqua di Bolgheri brand the society opened franchising shops in Tuscany, Italy and all over the world.


Focus on strong values of Taffi Family, Acqua Di Bolgheri is the hidden germ of Tuscany. With all products created from local, all natural ingredients: organic olive oil, flowers and local plants picked with a great sense of respect for nature the Acqua di Bolgheri collection is the realisation of a vision. With each and every product of the collection just as initilially envisioned, elegant, soothing and 100% natural, Taffi family takes the great pride in creating the most pure perfumes and lotions available without ever compromising their values.

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Natural beauty and wellbeingLa Nostra Storia


The deep knowledge of nature and market, especially in the wellness branch, which touches on the sphere of personal wellbeing, has allowed this company to make a name for itself, offering effective and high quality preparations, produced with care and skill following strict guidelines.


Dr. Taffi products are formulated using the most precious ingredients that nature has given us: they do not contain chemical preservatives, animal components, petrolatums, lauryl sulphates, artifcial colouring or propylene glycol. All the components used in formulating the products are dermatologically tested and of 100% vegetable origin, and are therefore “vegetalized” cosmetics. Dr. Taffi products are not tested on animals and never will be and they have obtained the most important ethical certifications.


Dr.Taffi La nostra storia Ricerca e Controllo

Continuous Research into Natural Wellbeing


In Dr. Taffi Production Laboratories the strict quality checks are very important. The product is systematically inspected during the various production stages, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and constancy in the production of each lot. The plants are situated in Bibbona near Bolgheri, on the coast line of Livorno area, and use the most technologically advanced equipment and methods. Each production lot is rigorously tested in the chemical and microbiological test labs to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and that the formulations are original and exclusive.

1987-2017: 30th Anniversary30° Anniversario

We recently celebrated the 30th anniversary, an important step. We are really proud of our journey full of satisfactions obtained with passion and care. We are happy to have celebrated and we would like to thank you. You helped us in growing and establishing the brand with appreciation and trust. Thank you to the ones will choose us in the future letting us to improve again and again.